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22 September 2021

Reconceiving Proximity in the Duty to Avoid Causing Pure Economic Loss: Should the Plaintiff have Protected Himself Through Contract?

Justin Tan

Published on e-First 22 September 2021

31 August 2021

Whither Singapore's Harbour for Patenting Computer-Implemented Inventions?

Ng Chong Yuan

Published on e-First 31 August 2021

30 August 2021

The Limits to Contractual Discretion

Ong Ken Wei

Published on e-First 30 August 2021

24 August 2021

Tan Boon Gin, The Law on Corruption in Singapore: Cases and Materials (Academy Publishing, 2nd Ed, 2021) [Book Review]

Hamidul Haq

Published on e-First 24 August 2021

7 July 2021

Take the Witness: Cross-examination in International Arbitration (Lawrence W Newman & Timothy G Nelson eds) (New York: Juris, 2nd Ed, 2019) [Book Review]

Bruno Savoie

Published on e-First 7 July 2021

6 July 2021

Kevin Y L Tan & Thio Li-ann, Constitutional and Administrative Law in Singapore: Cases, Materials and Commentary (Academy Publishing, 2021) [Book Review]

Kenny Chng

Published on e-First 6 July 2021

5 July 2021

New York Convention – Article-by-Article Commentary (Reinmar Wolff ed) (C H Beck/Hart/Nomos, 2nd Ed, 2019) [Book Review]

Thomas R Klötzel

Published on e-First 5 July 2021

20 May 2021

Aggregated Caning and the Risk of Double or Disproportionate Punishments: Yuen Ye Ming v Public Prosecutor [2020] SGCA 80

Amanda Clift-Matthews

Published on e-First 20 May 2021

14 May 2021

A Shareholder's Right to Appoint a Director: The Wellness Group Pte Ltd v Paris Investment Pte Ltd [2018] 2 SLR 973

Lee Suet Lin Joyce

Published on e-First 14 May 2021

11 May 2021

Damages for Breach of an Arbitration Agreement: An Available Remedy under Singapore Law?

Elan Krishna & Yi-Jun Kang

Published on e-First 11 May 2021