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Understanding Post-employment Obligations of Confidence and Confidentiality in Compilations of Data

Saw Cheng Lim & Chan Zheng Wen Samuel

(2021) 33 SAcLJ 557

This article closely examines two specific areas in the law of confidence. The first concerns erstwhile employer–employee relationships and the various obligations of confidentiality that may bind an employee – including individuals who find themselves in positions analogous to employees – after the contract of employment has come to an end. The second relates to compilations of data (comprising public domain information) and whether they fall to be protected by the law of confidence. In both of these areas, reference will also be made, where appropriate and for the purposes of analysis, to the recent decisions of the High Court and Court of Appeal in I-Admin (Singapore) Pte Ltd v Hong Ying Ting [2020] 3 SLR 615 (HC); [2020] 1 SLR 1130 (CA).