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International Commercial Mediation: The Singapore Model

Gloria Lim

(2019) 31 SAcLJ 377

Singapore, an island nation, situated at the heart of Southeast Asia, serves as a key node for businesses serving the Asia-Pacific region, and a significant launchpad for access to major emerging markets in Southeast Asia, China and India. Moreover, in recent years, Asia has experienced unprecedented development and growth. Against this fast evolving landscape, Singapore’s international dispute resolution framework and services have developed rapidly in tandem, to serve the needs of the region. Set against the backdrop of Singapore’s broader vision to serve as an international dispute resolution hub for cross-border disputes, this article traces the development of Singapore’s user-centric model of international commercial mediation which is built upon Singapore’s trusted legal framework, anchored by the rule of law, and supported by a comprehensive suite of high-quality dispute resolution services. The article also posits a mapping of key aspects of Singapore’s mediation reforms against the conceptual model that undergirds the overall development of Singapore’s international dispute resolution framework as a foundational support to catalyse growth and future relevance.